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Australia Boasts Largest Dinosaur Footprint — But What About Teeth?

If you happened to walk along a specific 25 kilometre beach on the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia during high tide, it would look like any other coastline. But revisit that same beach at low tide, and you would find a wealth of evolutionary history preserved in the stone beneath your feet: Thousands of dinosaur [...]

Movie Prosthetics Show How We Judge People on Their Teeth

“Show, don’t tell” is a cardinal rule of storytelling, which is why great filmmaking uses wardrobe, set dressing, and styling in addition to dialogue to convey information. The first introduction of a new character quickly tells the viewer what we’re supposed to think about them — even down to their teeth. In Harry Potter and [...]

Sydney Researchers Sink Teeth into Enamel

Researchers at the University of Sydney recently made a breakthrough that refines our understanding of teeth enamel and could play a role in preventing tooth decay. Tooth decay and gum disease remain widespread problems that can affect the appearance of your smile, lead to deteriorating dental health, and increase your risk for [...]

Sharks’ Jaws May Hold Key to Future Tooth-Loss Treatment

Australian waters are home to about 180 species of sharks, according to the Department of the Environment, and some of these larger predatory fish are viewed as threats to human life and recreation. But the findings of a recent study indicate sharks could help scientists develop new ways to treat tooth loss. Missing teeth are [...]

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