If you are missing one or more teeth, dentures allow us to replace those teeth to give you a beautiful smile that helps you continue eating healthy foods, speak clearly, and maintain a youthful appearance and lifestyle. Although many people in the past and even today are unhappy with their dentures, dentures are better than ever, and new technologies and techniques allow us to resolve most complaints people have about their dentures.

If you know or suspect you need dentures in Sydney, or if you’re looking to replace dentures you’re not happy with, please call (02) 9686 7375 today for an appointment with a denture dentist at My Hills Dentist in Baulkham Hills.

Implant Dentures

Are you unhappy with dentures that slip and slide in your mouth? Implant dentures are secure and let you eat and chew with confidence?

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FOY® Dentures

Are you worried that people will be able to tell that you have dentures? Modern dentures look attractive and natural–no one will know!

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BPS® Dentures

Don’t inherit grandma’s dentures! We utilize advanced technologies to give you comfortable, attractive, and highly functional dentures.

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Understanding Dentures

Dentures have the same basic root as “dentist,” “dent” or teeth. Dentures are tooth replacement options. Dentures used to be divided into partial dentures, which replace only some of your teeth, and full dentures, which replace an entire arch of teeth.

However, over time our understanding of dentures has been narrowed as other tooth replacement options have become available. Although dental bridges used to be called fixed partial dentures, we have stopped using that term as much. Instead, dentures is most often used to refer to a removable restoration that replaces one or more teeth.

However, the term dentures is also used to refer to any means of replacing all the teeth in one or both arches (i.e. top teeth and/or bottom teeth). This can refer to either removable tooth replacements like traditional dentures or implant dentures that can be fully fixed or removable.

Denture Complaints

Dentures have a bad reputation primarily because they are linked to removable tooth replacement options. These are usually better than nothing and most people benefit from dentures, but they have many shortcomings. Many people complain because their dentures:

  • Don’t stay in place
  • Don’t let them eat a full variety of foods
  • Interfere with speech
  • Cause pain
  • Dentures wear out or break quickly
  • Dentures contribute to an aged appearance

Because traditional dentures are only held in place by suction and the ridges that used to support your teeth but now are disappearing, they may move around in your mouth, making it hard to eat or speak. This can also be embarrassing when you laugh or are trying to speak loud and your dentures come out in public.

Dentures might also make it hard to eat because they are made with plastic teeth and don’t allow for a natural chewing motion.

Because dentures are bulky and not fixed, they can interfere with speech. Most people adapt to speaking with dentures, but many people are unwilling or unable to accept the restrictions of speaking with dentures.

Dentures can cause pain either because they’re poorly fitted or simply because your gums were never intended to support the force of your bite–that’s supposed to be transmitted from the teeth into the bones.

Dentures can wear out quickly because they are made of cheap materials or are poorly fitted. The same causes can lead to breakage, and people who take their dentures out because they’re uncomfortable are more likely to break or lose them.

Finally, dentures are supposed to replace lost teeth, but many dentures fail to completely do this because they are not properly fitted. As a result, denture wearers may develop a sunken appearance around the mouth, including deep folds, wrinkles, and lips that fold inward. In addition, a person may lose definition in their jawline and may develop jowls and “turkey neck.”
Sydney FOY Dentures

Dentures You’ll Be Happy with

At My Hills Dentist, we strive to deliver dentures that you’ll be happy with. To help us ensure this, we offer many advanced procedures that are used by few–if any–other dental practices in Australia.

Implant dentures offer many benefits over traditional dentures, which is making them increasingly popular.

The Denture Fountain of Youth uses neuromuscular dentistry principles to help us measure the most appropriate size for dentures to fully replace your lost teeth and re-establish a youthful facial proportion. It also helps ensure that your dentures create proper occlusion so you’ll be comfortable wearing your dentures.

BPS dentures utilize modern advances in dental and information technology to streamline the process of denture design and manufacture. The goal is not only to get dentures manufactured with all due speed, but also to ensure those dentures are accurate to the proportions measured by your denture dentist.

Quality Dentures for a Quality Life

Dentures can be better than you imagine. They don’t have to limit your life or degrade your appearance. Dentures can be comfortable, functional, and attractive.

To learn how you can benefit from new dentures in Sydney, please call (02) 9686 7375 today to schedule an appointment with a denture dentist at My Hills Dentist in Baulkham Hills.