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At My Hills Dentist, you can trust our dentists to always listen to your goals, desires, and concerns about dental treatment. We offer the latest proven technologies to ensure you get effective and comfortable dental care with beautiful results. The staff and team at My Hills Dentist are highly experienced, warm, and friendly. They’re here to help our patients with any needs they may have during every step of their visit. Every patient can expect a welcoming and personalised experience.

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Dr. David Lee is a cosmetic dentist in Baulkham Hills who’s proud to offer his patients the procedures they need to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He’s spent his time since graduating from dental school to continue his education in the ever-changing dental field. His extensive continuing education has allowed him to focus on multiple fields of dentistry including digital dental implants, Six Month Smiles™, oral conscious sedation, teeth straightening, TMD, smile makeovers, and dentures.

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A Modern Solution for
Missing Teeth

If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option, we strongly recommend dental implants. Dental implants are the closest tooth replacement to natural teeth you can find. The implants are small titanium posts placed in your jaw, just like tooth roots, and secure tooth replacements to the jaw. This allows patients to eat, smile, talk, and feel confident in their smiles. You never have to worry about dealing with denture adhesives, or your replacement teeth potentially coming loose ever again. To make your treatment even more convenient, Dr. David Lee can take care of your entire procedure in-house.

Dr. Lee can complete your entire dental implant procedure in just one day! Other dental offices often require extensive healing periods before placing the restorations, but our office uses a technique that allows us to place it the same day as implants.
Not only will the dental implants make your tooth replacements feel natural but the restoration we place on top will also look natural. We craft each tooth replacement in-house and ensure it blends in with any existing teeth you might have or look similar to your natural smile.

Achieve a Beautiful,
Straight Smile

At My Hills Dentist, we understand how straight teeth play a role in both dental health and as well as aesthetics. Fortunately, we offer several different treatments to help you achieve a straighter smile. We offer some treatments that can straighten your teeth in as little as six months and others that can address all types of problems you might face like gaps, crowding, crookedness, misalignments, and more. Depending on your needs, Dr. Lee will recommend the best treatment option to help you achieve your desired results. Once completing your treatment, you can look forward to a straight, beautiful smile!

Yes! No matter how old you are, if your teeth can benefit from orthodontic treatment, we can provide one to you as long as you’re a good candidate.

Six Month Smiles typically takes only six months to provide patients with a straighter smile. The treatment works fast by focusing only on straightening the teeth at the front of the mouth. By not including the back teeth as part of the treatment, your teeth will straighten much faster.

Patient Transformations

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