Benefits of BPS Dentures

BPS dentures are a new innovation that utilizes some recent developments in dental and information technologies to efficiently produce quality dentures. The benefits of BPS Dentures include:

  • Highly attractive dentures
  • Accurate impressions and manufacturing techniques to ensure optimal fit
  • High comfort
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability

Before & After

BPS dentures are very attractive because they have teeth that are individually designed and characterized. We can work with you to choose the tooth designs that best fit your cosmetic goals. This means you can pick your teeth individually if you want. Ivoclar Vivadent, the developer of BPS dentures, has decades of experience producing optimal cosmetic dentistry restorations, such as porcelain veneers. The teeth they designed for BPS dentures are manufactured with a unique layering of acrylics, which mimics the appearance of natural teeth. The base is manufactured with a high degree of detail from acrylic that mimics the translucency of natural gum tissue.

At the heart of the BPS denture process is the accuracy of impressions. There’s actually a two-step impression process, with preliminary impressions used to manufacture custom impression trays that ensure optimal impressions. Advanced articulators simulate your bite so we are able to develop and fit dentures in a dynamic setup that mimics your natural bite. Detailed data structures ensure this information reaches the lab accurately, and they use precise manufacturing techniques to translate the impressions into the final denture.

With the dentures matching your impressions so precisely, you will experience good comfort from your dentures. And the manufacturing process reduces the number of free monomers that can lead to irritation from new dentures.

The manufacturing process also creates a nonporous base, unlike most dentures, which have a porous base. The result is also a highly durable denture base. And the teeth, which are made of layered acrylic, are also highly resistant to breakage and wear.

The BPS ® Dentures Process

BPS ® Dentures have a similar process to traditional dentures, although it may require more steps than economy dentures. These steps are necessary to ensure the proper fit of the quality dentures.

First Appointment: During your first appointment, we will talk about your goals and take the first impression. This preliminary impression allows us to design a custom impression tray and get some basic data about your bite. These initial impressions are used to manufacture the custom impression tray, and help us get a basic understanding of your bite.

Second Appointment: During your second appointment, we will take more detailed impressions and talk about the design for your dentures. This is when we will select the designs for your teeth and determine the appropriate coloration.

Third Appointment: At your third appointment, we will give you an opportunity to try in a wax model of your dentures. This wax model allows us to make any adjustments necessary. Then you can give us any feedback about the appearance as well.

Fourth Appointment: We will deliver your finished dentures. If necessary, we might make final adjustments, but with the comprehensive fitting process, this is rarely required.

Get Your BPS Dentures

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