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Dancing With the Stars’ Courtney Act’s Dental Journey

This year, Brisbane-born Courtney Act took the stage on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars, blowing us all away. But Act wasn’t Dancing with the Stars’ typical female performer, because, well, she’s a drag queen. Act, or Shane Jenek, is no stranger to the stage, or to talent television. Act appeared on season one [...]

The Power of a Genuine Smile

New research shows that a genuine smile can actually change a negative attitude toward a person’s character, giving a whole new meaning to the idiom “Kill them with kindness”. While the study focuses mainly on celebrities, its findings suggest that a person could potentially quell unpleasant feelings among adversaries with the help of a genuine [...]

Gap Teeth: Trendy or Risky?

If you’ve flipped through Vogue lately, you may notice a surprising trend among the otherwise flawless women who model clothes: Gaps between their front teeth. Once considered a flaw, gap teeth are quickly becoming a charming quirk. Madonna and Elton John were early to embrace the gap. Although Lady Gaga is happy she got hers [...]

Smile Makeovers Aren’t Just for Women

Between the word “makeover” in smile makeover and the word “cosmetic” in cosmetic dentistry, it’s no wonder cosmetic dentistry is sometimes seen as women’s territory. But the confidence that can come with an attractive smile isn’t gendered, and more men are getting cosmetic dental procedures than you might think. Men Can Benefit [...]

Movie Prosthetics Show How We Judge People on Their Teeth

“Show, don’t tell” is a cardinal rule of storytelling, which is why great filmmaking uses wardrobe, set dressing, and styling in addition to dialogue to convey information. The first introduction of a new character quickly tells the viewer what we’re supposed to think about them — even down to their teeth. In Harry Potter and [...]

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