Long lasting Prettau Implant Bridges

Benefits of Prettau Implant Bridges

Any system for tooth replacement is only as strong as its weakest element. Dental implants provide us with an excellent foundation for great stability, durability, and long-term function. Why, then, would you want to put an implant bridge (or denture–in this case, the terms are interchangeable) on top that is weak, prone to breaking and wear? With Prettau bridges, you can enjoy:

  • Attractive smile
  • Excellent function
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Stain resistance
  • Easy hygiene
  • Hypoallergenic

Prettau bridges use an innovative approach to coloring their zirconia. While typical zirconia restorations may not look truly natural enough for teeth in the front of the mouth, Prettau bridges look completely natural. In addition, there’s no metal substructure to show through the ceramic.

Prettau bridges are also designed to give you the best possible function. Secured to your dental implants, Prettau bridges let you bite and chew normally without worrying about chips, cracks, or wear.

Because Prettau bridges are made of the strongest materials available, they can be made monolithically, which means there are fewer interfaces between materials that can cause defects. This makes them highly durable. They can last for years, even decades when properly cared for.

Prettau bridges are designed to work well with either four or six dental implants. Whichever we use, your bridges will rest securely and won’t rock around or move when you bite or chew.

The glazed ceramic resists staining to help Prettau bridges stay attractive. While acrylic materials may discolor, Prettau bridges resist staining.

The impermeable glaze on Prettau bridges means that food and bacteria slide easily off the surface–they don’t penetrate. This means that, in addition to stains, your bridges won’t pick up odours either.

And while some people have allergic reactions to acrylic denture bases, the ceramic of Prettau bridges is unlikely to cause any negative reactions.

Why Prettau Bridges Are DifferentPrettau Implant Bridges made with zirconia for a durable natural look

There are many implant bridges available, but Prettau bridges are designed differently. Unfortunately, many implant dentures are made of acrylic plastic, the same material used for removable dentures. While that material is perfectly suited for the bite force associated with removable dentures, implant dentures need to be able to withstand more–you can bite with more force. The zirconia used in Prettau bridges is more than ten times as strong as acrylic–it’s about as strong as the titanium implant, which means that you’ve got a continuous line of strength from your jaw to the biting surface of the teeth.

The other difference is that Prettau bridges are monolithic. Other bridges are made of different materials bonded together. Some might have metal substructure for support, which Prettau bridges don’t need because of their strength. Others might have a more cosmetic facade attached to the front to make them look more attractive. Prettau bridges don’t need this, either, because their special coloration technique means that the zirconia looks very natural.

A Versatile Solution

Practically anyone can get Prettau bridges. Whether you currently have removable dentures, a different type of implant denture, or natural teeth that need to be replaced, Prettau bridges make an ideal solution.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.