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Could Actors’ Poor Dental Health Hint at the Future of the Gig Economy?

A new report released on the health of Australia’s actors is a wake-up call to the nation. But perhaps even more important than its insights into the current plight of actors is what it says about the potential future of all Australians if the so-called Gig Economy comes to dominate the way people live and [...]

Fire Drill: Dragon Dentist Fills Dental-Hero Cavity

A dentist is rarely the lead character of a book, movie or TV show, let alone cast in the role of action hero. The latter is about to change with the forthcoming anime The Dragon Dentist, the story of which features an underlying message about the importance of preventing tooth decay. The [...]

Army Embraced Dental Care, Dentures During WWI

Dentures have come a long way over the past 100 years, but a recent post about World War I-era dentistry on the Australian Army website demonstrates that dentures and other types of dental work were given great consideration on the battlefield. Dentures even supplied some important functionality to soldiers missing teeth aside [...]

Blast from the Past: A Look at Sydney’s ‘Mad Dentist’

Despite the frequent portrayal of dentists in popular culture as sinister characters who enjoy using drills, most dentists are compassionate people with a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for helping others enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. There are, however, some dark corners in dentistry’s past. One of Sydney’s most famous, and infamous, crimes [...]