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Australian Study Links High-Fat Diet to Sleep Apnoea

Obesity has long been linked to an increased risk for developing sleep apnoea, a potentially life-threatening condition in which breathing stops hundreds of times per night. But the findings of a recent Australian study indicate that men who consume high-fat diets are more likely to suffer from sleep apnoea. Sleep Apnoea and [...]

Are Sleep Apnoea and Gum Disease Linked?

Sleep apnoea and gum disease are two conditions that can have serious impacts on your overall body health, especially your heart. Worse, the two conditions are linked, so that people who have one are much more likely to have the other. How Common Is Gum Disease in Sleep Apnoea Sufferers? A [...]

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For Hundreds of Thousands of Australians Dentures “No Need”

Researchers from the University of Adelaide decided to take a functional approach for evaluating whether people who were given dentures actually "needed" them or not. Their conclusion: in hundreds of thousands of cases dentures were not considered strictly necessary. Shortened Arches and Denture Need Researchers looked at data from 2700 patients and in [...]

Medications That Can Affect Your Dental Implants

Dental implant success depends on many factors, including systemic conditions that may seem like they have little to do with your oral health. Among these effects are the medications you are taking. Here are some medications that may affect your dental implants. Antidepressants In a recent study, a popular class of antidepressants was [...]

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