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Should You Get BPS Dentures or Fountain of Youth Dentures?

The popular perception of dentures isn’t a positive one: Pop culture’s take on dentures remains outdated and mocking, focusing on dentures that slip out of people’s mouths, get stuck in food, or just float eerily in a glass of water on grandma’s nightstand. But dentures have come a long way over the decades, and now [...]

Surfer Loses Dentures — But Ocean Returns Them

You know that one interesting story that you always tell at parties? Learn this one to tell over cocktails at your next garden party. A 68-year old New Zealand surfer just found his in a kooky denture-centric coincidence that made local news. Wipeout Takes Dentures Eddie Royal, a retiree and surfer, was out on his [...]

Missing Teeth? You’re Not Alone

If you’re missing a tooth or two, it can be easy to feel embarrassed. After all, most people have all their teeth, right? Wrong. Actually, it’s incredibly rare to make it very far into adulthood with all the teeth you started out with. In fact, the average Australian is missing not just one, but five [...]

False-Teeth Find Shows Dentures Ahead of Their Time

As dental treatments go, dentures have a long, rich history. The use of dentures dates to at least 700 B.C., and dentures remain among the most popular methods to replace missing teeth. The recent archeological discovery of what may be the world’s oldest functional dentures sheds new light on dentures’ past and [...]

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