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Why Do My Teeth Keep Chipping?

Chipped teeth are both a cosmetic problem and a health danger. Chipped teeth disrupt the appearance of your smile, creating an uneven line and sometimes even dark holes in your smile. Chipped teeth can be more prone to decay, and may crack, exposing the living pulp inside the tooth. Chipping one tooth [...]

Anxious? Have Your Dental Appointment at the Beach

Very few people, if any, look forward to visiting the dentist. But for some people, seeing their dentist is more than just an inconvenience — it’s a nightmare. For people with severe dental anxiety, even something as simple as a cleaning could seem like a terrifying experience. In the best case scenario, people with dental [...]

Australian Nonprofit Sees ‘Overwhelming Gap’ in Rural Dental Care

The nonprofit Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), which provides dental care and other health services to those in Australia’s most remote areas, has stayed out of politics over its nearly 90-year history. But that changed this week amid the ongoing federal election campaign as the organisation urged the major parties to address [...]

Sharks’ Jaws May Hold Key to Future Tooth-Loss Treatment

Australian waters are home to about 180 species of sharks, according to the Department of the Environment, and some of these larger predatory fish are viewed as threats to human life and recreation. But the findings of a recent study indicate sharks could help scientists develop new ways to treat tooth loss. Missing teeth are [...]

5 Reasons to Get a Chipped Tooth Looked At

With the summer, everyone loves to get out and enjoy the sun. This is great for our weight, helps keep our hearts healthy, improves our mood, and increases our body’s supply of vitamin D, which is crucial for our teeth and bones. But there’s one downside for our teeth when it comes to being more [...]

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