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Facial Aging Partly a Result of Jaw Changes

Many of our Baulkham Hills patients think that your face ages because of surface-level effects on your skin and other soft tissues. However, the truth is that significant changes occur in all your tissues, including your bone, to create an aged appearance. This is why the FOY Dentures® Sydney

Best Teeth Straightening Options For Adults

More and more adults choose to straighten their teeth today than ever before. Straightening your teeth has many intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. With straight teeth, you'll be more confident, which will make it easier to build new relationships. You'll have a better chance at getting a promotion at work, and [...]

Treatments That Can Enhance The Look Of Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a practice that aims to enhance the appearance of your smile. Treatments work to improve the aesthetics of your gums, bite, and/or teeth. If you are unhappy with your smile there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that can help.  What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help With? [...]

Are Your Dentures Changing the Way You Eat?

Until they get them, most people don’t realize just how different dentures are from natural teeth. You may realize that they don’t look like natural teeth, but you probably don’t know just how different they are in function from your natural teeth. Once you get them, you know. Especially as you watch your eating habits [...]

The 11 Aspects Of A Beautiful Smile

We all want to have an attractive smile, but what makes a smile attractive? It’s actually a combination of many factors that the mind processes quickly without us being aware of it. Here are 11 things the brain assesses in making a judgment about an attractive smile. 1. Tooth Colour Tooth colour is one of [...]

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