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Dancing With the Stars’ Courtney Act’s Dental Journey

This year, Brisbane-born Courtney Act took the stage on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars, blowing us all away. But Act wasn’t Dancing with the Stars’ typical female performer, because, well, she’s a drag queen. Act, or Shane Jenek, is no stranger to the stage, or to talent television. Act appeared on season one [...]

Which Braces Are Right For You?

If you made it through grade school without a mouth full of metal (or if your teeth have shifted since childhood orthodontics), you may have considered getting braces as an adult. There are so many options for orthodontics these days, and sometimes the choice can seem overwhelming. Everyone has different priorities and [...]

LLLT May Reduce Orthodontic Discomfort

Do you want to get your teeth straightened but are afraid of the discomfort that may result. In truth, for most people the discomfort of braces is relatively minor, short-lived, and controllable with over-the-counter pain medication. However, if you are still afraid or if you're looking for an alternative treatment for existing discomfort, [...]