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Modern Dental Crowns Combine Strength and Beauty

Dental crowns are very important restorations. They are used to save badly damaged teeth in many situations. You may have a chipped or cracked tooth that’s vulnerable to further damage. You may have significant decay that’s weakened the tooth. Or your tooth may even have had an infection and needed a root [...]

New Digital Dental Implants Are Easier Than Ever

We all want a beautiful smile, and nothing can ruin a lovely set of teeth like a big, gaping hole. But tooth loss is a major problem in Australia. In fact, the average adult Australian is missing five teeth! And aesthetics aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to missing teeth: Those [...]

Shades of Greyhound: Use of Dogs in Dental Research Questioned

Dogs and other animals have long played roles in medical research, including the development and testing of dental treatments. The controversial practice has waned in recent decades, however, as new methods for research and training have emerged, and as society’s views on the use of dogs in laboratory testing have changed. But [...]

New Teeth-Hardening Toothpaste Makes Haste to Market

A new dental hygiene tool for battling tooth decay may soon be available in the form of a toothpaste shown to strengthen teeth by restoring minerals. Toothpaste: A New Generation? In traditional fluoride toothpastes, the active ingredients (including soluble fluoride) are applied to the teeth, lightly scrubbed onto and allowed to briefly [...]

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