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Why More Adults Than Ever Are Choosing to Straighten Their Teeth

Straightening teeth used to be something that only happened during adolescence. People who didn’t straighten their teeth with braces resigned themselves to living with crooked teeth for the rest of their lives. However, today, adults account for more than half of orthodontic patients. Due to changes in society and the wide [...]

By |April 15th, 2021|Braces|

How to Choose the Best Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. One of the most common reasons why is that people may have teeth that are crowded, crooked, or gapped. Fortunately, there are ways to correct these problems and achieve the beautiful, straight smile you desire. In fact, there are many different options, so many that [...]

Why Does That One Crooked Tooth Hurt SometimesHere are some resons why does that one crooked tooth hurts. Read this post from My Hills Dentist today. Give us a call for your Dental needs! ?

Many of us who have mostly straight smiles opt not to get orthodontics when we’re young. Or maybe we get orthodontics in one arch but not the other. We may have one or two crooked teeth, but it doesn’t bother us too much aesthetically. However, sometimes they do bother us physically. They can hurt us [...]

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