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Why Does That One Crooked Tooth Hurt Sometimes?

Many of us who have mostly straight smiles opt not to get orthodontics when we’re young. Or maybe we get orthodontics in one arch but not the other. We may have one or two crooked teeth, but it doesn’t bother us too much aesthetically. However, sometimes they do bother us physically. They can hurt us [...]

Gap Teeth: Trendy or Risky?

If you’ve flipped through Vogue lately, you may notice a surprising trend among the otherwise flawless women who model clothes: Gaps between their front teeth. Once considered a flaw, gap teeth are quickly becoming a charming quirk. Madonna and Elton John were early to embrace the gap. Although Lady Gaga is happy she got hers [...]

Rebecca Didn’t Love Her Smile — But SmileFast™ Fixed That

Full orthodontics can straighten out even the most unruly of teeth — but not everyone is interested in the time, expense, and extremity of a full course of orthodontics. That’s why many patients turn to their general dentist and SmileFast™ to more easily achieve the beautiful smile they’re looking for. Rebecca was [...]