woman smiling with braces

If you made it through primary school without a mouth full of metal (or if your teeth have shifted since childhood orthodontics), you might have considered getting braces as an adult. More adults than ever are choosing braces, but it does not seem as easy a decision as it used to be. There are so many options for orthodontics in Sydney these days, and sometimes the choice can seem overwhelming.

Everyone has different priorities and needs when it comes to their cosmetic dental care. Braces aren’t “one size fits all.” You may prefer a different type than the patient before or after you in the Sydney dentist’s chair. So which type is for you?

Looking For a Quick Option?

If you’re looking for a discreet option that offers speed, Six Month Smiles may be a good pick. These braces utilize clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that help them blend into your teeth and be less noticeable. This treatment can be faster because it focuses on the front teeth, which are more visible and easier to move than the back molars. And nearly everyone is a candidate!

Six Month Smiles offers many benefits that can make it a great choice. The combination of clear plastic brackets and white wires makes it as nearly invisible as true braces can get. A smart, streamlined approach to orthodontics not only makes the treatment time shorter but also makes your visits shorter as well. This makes Six Month Smiles fit more easily into your busy lifestyle. Plus, it has the benefit of being a braces system with traditional brackets and wires, which can make some types of tooth movements easier to achieve.

Six Month Smiles isn’t a guarantee, but we’ve had great success getting straight smiles in six months. For example, we made it the centerpiece of a smile makeover for a long-time patient who was moving away from the Sydney area in seven months. Six Month Smiles was true to its name, giving us plenty of time to complete the other procedures–veneers and teeth whitening.

Want the Best Technology On the Market?

Technology continues to make dentistry easier and more efficient every day, and Smilefast™ is the perfect example of that technology in action. This powerful tool for your Sydney dentist uses 3D imaging and computerized fabrication to map your mouth, predict your results, create a precise treatment plan, and even enable the quicker application of the brackets.

Smilefast treatment only takes about six months, and its cutting-edge technology enables unparalleled efficiency and precision. And, of course, clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make this treatment subtle.

We have used this technology with great results. In fact, one of the cases by Sydney dentist Dr. David Lee was featured in Australasian Dentist magazine.

Seeking a Subtle, Affordable Choice?

If you’re concerned about how braces will make you look, you may have considered clear braces. It’s easy to be put off by the cost of such treatments, whether your motivations are personal or professional. That’s why we offer eXceed, which lets us offer invisible braces for less than the average clear braces treatment in Sydney.

eXceed aligners are practically invisible and don’t come with the discomfort of metal wires or brackets. Since they can be easily removed for activities like eating, you don’t need to make any significant changes to your lifestyle or your oral hygiene routine. eXceed uses an advanced digital planning system that makes the entire approach highly efficient. We can get aligners designed and produced quickly so you can start your treatment faster. Plus, if you lose one of your aligners, we can quickly replace it.

The process reduces the cost for us, and we can pass the savings on to you. You’ll enjoy an accurate treatment with invisible braces for less.

Orthodontic Options in Sydney

Are you living in the Baulkham Hills area of Sydney and ready to find out which braces can give you the smile of your dreams? Our cosmetic dentists have access to many treatment options and know how to match each patient with the best treatment option for them. We can evaluate your smile to determine which of the options we offer might be best for you. If you experience symptoms of a bad bite related to a form of temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD), we can recommend treatments to help. We can also refer you to a Sydney orthodontist if you will benefit from specialist care.

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