It used to be that straightening your teeth was something that happened in adolescence. People who didn’t get braces then then resigned themselves to living with crooked teeth for the rest of their lives. However, these days about half of all orthodontic patients are adults looking to straighten their teeth. Changes in society and dentistry have lead more adults to seek out the benefits of a straighter, more attractive smile.

People Appreciate the Benefits More When They’re Older

Many teens when faced with the choice of getting braces or dealing with crooked teeth see the short-term discomfort and social pariahdom associated with metal braces as far outweighing the benefits of straighter teeth.

However, after you’ve lived with a crooked smile for a while, you come to realise that the oral hygiene benefits of straighter teeth, combined with the attractiveness of your new smile are worth the short-term discomfort of braces. You also have a better sense of scale. When you’re a teen, your time horizon is shortened, so that this year seems like your entire life. When you’re an adult, though, you realise that a year is a short span of time compared to the length of time you will enjoy the benefits of your straighter smile.

Movin on Up

Another reason why people get their teeth straightened is that many of us are upwardly mobile. We may not have had the option of getting our teeth straightened as teens, but now that we’ve gotten a job, had a few promotions, made a few investments, we find we have the resources to spend a little bit on ourselves. And nothing is a better investment in ourselves than getting a new, more attractive smile.

The Bar Has Been Raised

When many of us were teens, we saw celebrities on TV and in movies that had flawed smiles. Dental restorations weren’t as common even for celebrities, and it wasn’t unusual to see a few crooked, discoloured, or even small teeth on an actor, especially in supporting roles.

These days, celebrities are more likely to have perfect teeth. And it’s not just celebrities–cosmetic dentistry has been made available to the masses, and you can see the difference on the street every day as people are getting their smiles improved all the time, whether it’s simple teeth whitening or a set of porcelain veneers.

The Options Are Better

And speaking of cosmetic dentistry becoming available to the masses, people have access to new procedures these days that make it more comfortable, convenient, and discreet to get your teeth straightened.

Simpli5 clear braces let adults get their teeth straightened without the need for uncomfortable and embarrassing metal brackets. This just makes it more appealing for adults to get their teeth straightened. And Six Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner mean orthodontic treatment is faster than ever.

What’s Your Reason?

Have you decided it’s time to get your teeth straightened? What helped you make that decision? We’d love to hear it.

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