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Blast from the Past: A Look at Sydney’s ‘Mad Dentist’

Despite the frequent portrayal of dentists in popular culture as sinister characters who enjoy using drills, most dentists are compassionate people with a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for helping others enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. There are, however, some dark corners in dentistry’s past. One of Sydney’s most famous, and infamous, crimes was [...]

Musician Highlights Link between Dentistry, Art

When it comes to exports, Australia is perhaps best known for minerals like iron and gold, energy resources such as coal and petroleum, and actors including Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett and the Hemsworth brood. But there has also been a renewed surge in the global popularity of Australian musicians from Iggy Azalea to Courtney Barnett [...]

5 Reasons to Get a Chipped Tooth Looked At

With the summer, everyone loves to get out and enjoy the sun. This is great for our weight, helps keep our hearts healthy, improves our mood, and increases our body’s supply of vitamin D, which is crucial for our teeth and bones. But there’s one downside for our teeth when it comes to being more [...]

ADA Encourages People to See That Sugar Film

A spokesman from the Australian Dental Association has encouraged people to see That Sugar Film, a documentary on the effects of sugar on a person over the span of 60 days. Among the effects the film discusses is the erosion of teeth that can occur when people consume sugar. Bad Effects from "Healthy" Food What [...]

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