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Reconstructive Dentistry

5 Reasons to Get a Chipped Tooth Looked At

With the summer, everyone loves to get out and enjoy the sun. This is great for our weight, helps keep our hearts healthy, improves our mood, and increases our body’s supply of vitamin D, which is crucial for our teeth and bones. But there’s one downside for our teeth when it comes to being more [...]

Can We Manage Cavities without Drilling?

According to new research released by the University of Sydney, it may not be as necessary to drill for cavities as it has been believed in the past. Although this doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to do without fillings entirely, it certainly may change the way we approach minor restorations. Managing Slow [...]

4 Reasons Why Your New Restoration Is Uncomfortable

If you’ve recently gotten a new restoration, such as a filling or a dental crown, it should feel comfortable. There may be some soreness at first, but after a few days it shouldn’t feel any different from your other teeth. Sometimes, though, your restoration may just not feel right and may be uncomfortable for weeks. [...]

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