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The Power of a Genuine Smile

New research shows that a genuine smile can actually change a negative attitude toward a person’s character, giving a whole new meaning to the idiom “Kill them with kindness”. While the study focuses mainly on celebrities, its findings suggest that a person could potentially quell unpleasant feelings among adversaries with the help of a genuine [...]

Does Your Smile Give Away Your Nationality?

If you’re a world traveler, you may have recognized already that flashing a smile at a stranger in New York City earns an entirely different reaction than that same smile delivered in Moscow. In fact, smiling culture is so varied from country to country that the podcast Invisibilia shaped an entire episode around the story [...]

By |May 31st, 2017|Smile|

Mr. Ugly Pageant Winner Shows That Poor Teeth Are the Worst

The otherwise small Mr. Ugly pageant held in Zimbabwe made the BBC this week when audience members “rioted” at the decision. The reason: winner Mison Sere wasn’t ugly enough, until he opened his mouth. They say that he only won because of his unattractive teeth, something that is sort of disallowed by the rules. A [...]

Smiling Makes Other People Look Happier, Too

If you think people have a tendency to be angry or sour when they look at you, the problem might not be their expression, it might be yours. Maybe if you would smile more, they would look happier, too. Or, rather, you'd think they look happier. That's according to a new study by researchers at [...]

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