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I’m On the Keto Diet—Why Does My Breath Smell?

You’ve taken the plunge to start a new diet—congratulations! Starting a new diet is difficult, especially one as restrictive as the ketogenic diet, which mandates eating a high-fat, low-carb regime. Studies suggest the keto diet is beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, and those on a keto diet can lose weight quickly. As [...]

Causes of Bad Breath: How to Tell the Trivial from the Deadly

Bad breath is a concern for most of us. It creates worry in social situations, and can make it hard to feel comfortable talking to people. You never want to get close to personal or business acquaintances if you can’t be sure of your breath. But it could also be more serious than that. Bad [...]

By |December 5th, 2018|Bad Breath|

How to Deal with Your Dry Mouth

Many people suffer from significant dry mouth. This may be congenital, it may be related to certain medications, it could be caused by dentures, or it may be related to aging. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with dry mouth to help you enjoy a more normal life. Why Treat Dry Mouth [...]

Does My Toothache Need Treatment?

You shouldn't wait until you have a toothache to visit the dentist, but it's also true that not all toothaches require a dental visit. In some cases, toothaches can be minor and may resolve on their own. Causes of Temporary Toothaches Many toothaches are just a passing phenomenon, caused by the fact that your teeth [...]

Keep Your Breath Fresh as You Party the Night Away

This week we're at the peak of the holiday season, especially the holiday party season. With all the food, fun, and drinks, it's easy to lose track of your oral care, but if you want to remain kissable by midnight, there are a few simple tricks you can try. Be Aware of Sulphurous Foods Sulphur [...]

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