You may think that your face ages because of surface-level effects in your skin and other soft tissues, but the truth is that significant changes occur in all your tissues, including your bone, to create an aged appearance. This is why Strickland Facelift Dentures™ can work so well as an anti-aging treatment.

Your Bones Can Change with Age

Research published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that facial aging affects not just your skin and soft tissue, but impacts your bones as well. Plastic surgeons reviewed 120 facial CT scans representing 20 men and 20 women in each of three age groups: 20-36, 41-64, and 65 and older. They measured the length, width, and angle of the jaw in each scan.

They found that the angle of the jaw between the horizontal and vertical parts, increases with age, causing the jaw to jut forward but at a lower height. The lead researcher noted, “These measurements indicate a significant decline in the jaw’s volume as a person ages, and therefore less support of soft tissue of the lower face and neck.”

The bone remodeling is likely due to changing forces on the jaw due to the shrinking and loss of teeth. Over time, all forces will cause bone to remodel itself (just as it does in orthodontic treatments), and as teeth shrink or are lost, force pulls differently on the jaw, causing it to change in shape. Replacing lost teeth with dentures that offer adequate height to restore proper forces on the jaw could minimize jaw changes and help you look better not only today, but for years in the future.

Facelifts Are Not Enough

A facelift is a procedure that is performed in the soft tissue of the face. Skin, muscles, fat, and other tissues are cut away from their attachments and stretched over the bone in the attempt to create a more youthful appearance. However, this can often result in an unnatural appearance, in part because the directions of stretching and stress may not reflect the natural attachments and draping of skin, but also because it doesn’t reverse the changes in bone structure that contribute to an aged appearance.

In order to achieve a more youthful and natural appearance, it’s necessary to restore the volume lost in the jaw and attempt to prevent or reverse changes in the jaw angle.

This is one of many reasons that Strickland Facelift Dentures™ are capable of making people look many years younger, and may work better than a surgical facelift in some cases.

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