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New Study to Examine State of Australia’s Dental Health

A major national study that aims to generate a clear picture of Australian adults’ oral health begins later this year, and researchers hope it will draw attention to the importance of dental care for oral health and overall well-being. The National Study of Adult Oral Health will be conducted by the Australian Research Centre for [...]

Report: Child dental benefits a success despite underpromotion

A recent governmental report indicates that the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, a program the Health Minister has said could be cut or dramatically overhauled, is effective in spite of relatively low use and “underpromotion.” The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a federal program that provides free preventive dentistry services to about 1 [...]

Will a Pill Someday Keep the Dentist Away?

An apple a day may not be quite enough to keep the doctor away, but could a pill based on new research into a previously unidentified bacteria keep the dentist at bay? The answer is probably not entirely, but the bacteria — Streptococcus A12 — does show promise in preventing tooth decay. [...]

Is Mouth Breathing at Night Linked to Tooth Decay?

New research from the University of Otago in New Zealand suggests that mouth breathing during sleep might put you at a higher risk for tooth decay. Of course, the study is preliminary, and it only suggests a potential connection, not any actual documented risk. Acidity Increases with Mouth Breathing To determine how mouth breathing impacts [...]

Will Quitting Smoking Save Your Teeth — Or Implants?

We’ve talked about it before: smoking increases your risk of tooth loss, and can put your dental implants at risk. Many of the effects of smoking can be very long-term or even permanent, but will quitting smoking help preserve your teeth or make it so that your dental implants will properly integrate? A [...]

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