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Is Mouth Breathing at Night Linked to Tooth Decay?

New research from the University of Otago in New Zealand suggests that mouth breathing during sleep might put you at a higher risk for tooth decay. Of course, the study is preliminary, and it only suggests a potential connection, not any actual documented risk. Acidity Increases with Mouth Breathing To determine how mouth breathing impacts [...]

Exploring the Impact of Women’s Snoring

All too often we act as though snoring is exclusively a man’s problem. Although it is true that because of the way men carry their weight, they are often more likely to snore, and women, who tend to be lighter sleepers, are more likely to wake to hear it. But it isn’t only [...]

New Campaign for Sleep Apnoea Awareness in Australia

Sleep apnoea is a dangerous health condition that can lead to serious health complications, potentially even death, usually through diabetes or heart disease. But sleep apnoea treatment is highly effective, and people who get the treatment can reduce their risks and sometimes even see recovery from the damage that sleep apnoea has caused. [...]

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Why Your Snoring Gets Worse with Age

Have you noticed that your spouse’s snoring gets louder every year? Or maybe you’re the snorer, and it just seems like your spouse’s complaining gets louder every year. It isn’t just your imagination or your growing irritability. It’s probably true that snoring, whether yours or your spouse’s, tends to get worse as we [...]

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