You know that one interesting story that you always tell at parties? Learn this one to tell over cocktails at your next garden party. A 68-year old New Zealand surfer just found his in a kooky denture-centric coincidence that made local news.

Surfer Loses Dentures — But Ocean Returns Them

Wipeout Takes Dentures

Eddie Royal, a retiree and surfer, was out on his board off the Kāpiti Coast on the North Island of New Zealand just two days before Christmas when a wave hit him from the side. Royal unluckily had his mouth open when the wave struck, and the force knocked out his dentures. He and his family hunted along the shoreline for days, searching for the lost dentures at both high and low tide, but had no luck — poor Royal had to get through Christmas dinner without an upper set of teeth. Without his dentures, he had to miss out while everyone else was enjoying T-bone steak and spare ribs.

Luckily, Royal’s nephew was social media savvy, and made a post on a local Facebook group asking people to keep an eye out for the missing teeth. When Janet Wellington spotted the dentures while swimming with her family a full 14km south of where Royal had lost them, Facebook users helped connect her with Royal’s nephew and reunite the toothless surfer with his long-lost dentures. Despite their long journey, the dentures remained in good condition. But Royal learned his lesson: He’s vowed to remove his dentures before taking to the waves in the future.

Finding Dentures that Stay Put

Whether or not you’re a surfer, it’s important to make sure your dentures stay in your mouth, where they’re meant to be! That’s why it’s important to pick dentures that utilize all the latest technology to have a comfortable, secure fit.

For example, Denture Fountain of Youth® dentures are designed using neuromuscular principles, which means they’re based on not just the shape of your gums, but all the tissues, bones, and muscles in your mouth. This results in excellent support and function for dentures that are comfortable, attractive, and most importantly, stay put!

Another great option is BPS® dentures. These dentures are a budget friendly option that utilize the latest advancements in dental technology to craft attractive, comfortable, and well-fitting dentures that are easy to maintain. These dentures are durable — although you should probably still not let them spend two weeks getting tossed around in the ocean, if you can help it!

Of course, if you really want your dentures to stay where you’ve put them, you may want to take it a step further with implant dentures. Here’s how they work: Just like traditional dentures, implant dentures are a full arch of teeth that sit on top of your gums. But while traditional dentures have to be secured only to your gums, which can allow them to slip, implant dentures are secured to dental implants, which are permanently rooted into your jaw bone, just like real teeth. This allows you to eat all your favorite foods, and yes, surf with them in!

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