We’ve all seen the over-Botoxed frozen faces and too-dark, too-orange tans of people who took their cosmetic changes to the extreme. Can the same thing be done with teeth whitening? Many people seem to think so, expressing concerns over looking “like an American news anchor” or having teeth that resemble piano keys.

How do you ensure that your teeth whitening treatment doesn’t leave your smile looking fake and unnatural?

A woman with a bright white smile from My HIlls Dentist

Realism is Key to a Beautiful Smile

For many years, a perfect smile was considered to be the whitest, straightest, most even smile you could get. One dentist says that in his experience, patients used to have the attitude of “I’ve spent a fortune on my teeth and so I want everybody to know it.” But these days, the tides are turning.

It used to be that stars like Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss were in the minority for embracing their imperfect smiles and refusing to cave to the pressure to have Hollywood-perfect pearly whites. But these days, teeth with character are in style. Even gapped front teeth, once the subject of mockery, are becoming trendy and showing up on the runway and in the pages of Vogue.

Instead, that too-white, too-perfect set of teeth that used to be considered so attractive is losing popularity in favor of more realistic smiles. While a white, straight smile is still in style, it’s important that your teeth suit your face, your coloring, and even your personality. A good cosmetic dentist knows that teeth aren’t “one size fits all.”

You Need an Experienced Dentist

An inexperienced dentist may see teeth as “the whiter, the better” — which isn’t too surprising, considering that a lot of dental patients see things that way, too. For this reason, inexperienced dentists could overdo your whitening process, or make veneers, implants, or restorations too white.

That’s why it’s so important to work with the right cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist with the right training and experience can work with you to ensure that your smile turns out exactly how you want it. Instead of a mouth full of piano keys, an excellent cosmetic dentist will leave you with your own smile, but better.

Professional Whitening is a Safer Bet

The only thing more risky for your teeth than an inexperienced dentist is no dentist at all! Drugstore whitening kits or Pinterest-style DIY whitening solutions may seem like a cheaper option than getting a whitening treatment at your dentist’s office, but these treatments aren’t just often ineffective — sometimes they’re even dangerous.

Instead, your best bet is to visit an experienced cosmetic dentist and work out a plan together to achieve the smile of your dreams. Your dentist will know the best steps to take to achieve the results you want, and will be able to tell if you’re a good candidate for each treatment.

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