Like everyone else, we found the infection scare that may have put so many Sydney dental patients in our community at risk very disturbing. We want all our patients — and those who might become our patients — to know that at My Hills Dentist, we take sterilization very seriously and follow best hygiene practices in order to protect our patients and our team.

You Can Be Confident in Our Protocols

We understand that when something like this comes to light, people feel like their trust has been violated. You might feel that you don’t know how you can trust your dental practice. After all, you can be sure that the people who visited these dental offices believed that the dentists were following good hygiene practices.

That’s why we don’t just say “trust us” when it comes to our hygiene practices. We provide assurances that our hygiene practices are consistent with the best practices in the profession, at or above the NSQHS standards for dentists.

QIP Accreditation Constantly Monitors Our Practice

One way you can be certain that our hygiene practices are more than adequate is our Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) accreditation. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that dentists follow the best practices of the profession, including hygiene and infection control.

This isn’t a one-time inspection, it’s an ongoing monitoring process. QIP ensures that we don’t just say we’re following best practices — we have to prove it to maintain accreditation.

You Can See for Yourself

At My Hills Dentist, we are completely open about our hygiene practices. Every current or future patient is welcome to take a tour of our sterilization area. We will show you everything and explain to you how it works to prevent contamination. We will talk about the hygiene standards and how we meet or exceed them.

If you are looking for a Sydney dentist who is dedicated to protecting your health with strict adherence to hygiene protocols, please call (02) 9686 7375 for an appointment at My Hills Dentist.