aluminium-filings-wideimageLast week, residents of Gold Coast were blaming aluminium filings in the air for their “mysterious” headaches.

Although this is not likely the case, we shouldn’t blame them for trying hard to find explanations for their headaches, because headaches can result from many causes, some of which are hard to track down.

The Source and Reporting of Aluminium Filings

A local meteorologist reported that apparent rain on the weather radar might actually be interference due to aluminium filings that were blowing up from central NSW. He speculated that because Newcastle weather radar had been experiencing similar interference due to work at nearby RAAF Base Williamtown. The high-altitude aluminium filings were about the same height as clouds, the meteorologist said.

Could It Be Causing Headaches?

After hearing reports of the high altitude aluminium filings, people in Gold Coast began calling in to their local radio station to say that they suspected the filings were causing their headaches. Although it is technically true that “The public health effects of the airborne particles are not known,” as local media reports, it seems unlikely that the aluminium filings are causing headaches.

The primary reason why they’re an unlikely cause is that the filings are airborne at a very high altitude, as high as the clouds. Another reason why it seems unlikely is that with the number of communities between Williamtown and Gold Coast, there should be more reports of headaches, especially in the communities closest to the source, where the filings are likely to be more concentrated.

More Likely Causes of Mysterious Headaches

If you are getting headaches and can’t figure out why, there are many causes to check up on that may be responsible.

Occasional headaches can be caused by many things: congestion, allergies, blood pressure fluctuations, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal or too much caffeine. Regular headaches deserve attention, however.

TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition that can be very hard to diagnose. It involves an imbalance in the jaw joint that can contribute to nerve and muscle pain. It can contribute to tension headaches and trigger migraines.

Sleep apnoea is another possible cause for headaches, especially morning headaches.

If you want help figuring out the cause and best treatment for your regular headaches, please contact My Hills Dentist in Baulkham Hills today for an appointment.