This week, the world’s leading investment counseling firm, The Motley Fool, called out a manufacturer of sleep apnea oral appliances as a good investment on the Australian Securities Exchange. It said the firm, SomnoMed, is poised to make a major move in an expanding market because its product offered major advantages over the traditional sleep apnea treatment, CPAP, so it’s likely to experience significant growth on a relatively small share price, which could mean big profits.

Oral Appliance Advantages

dreamstime_7299501 (2)The Motley Fool rundown also included brief descriptions of the advantages of oral appliances over CPAP. It’s the same things we have been telling you, but it’s nice to hear them confirmed by an outside source whose business depends on giving accurate investing information.

The Motley Fool said oral appliances were already growing in popularity and were likely to continue to grow in popularity because the “mouthguard-like devices are relatively non-intrusive to use” compared to CPAP’s face masks and “are generally cheaper than more traditional CPAP treatment options.” As a result, “an increasing number of sleep apnoea patients choose to use the more convenient mouthguards over the face masks.”

And it’s true that as a result of these advantages, more people are looking to use oral appliances for their sleep apnea treatment than CPAP.

Investing in Your Health

Whether you choose to invest in an oral appliance manufacturer or not, investing in treating your sleep apnea can save you a significant amount of money. For example, a study conducted by a large US employer health system found significant savings when people start sleep apnea treatment. People with sleep apnea who went untreated paid about $213 more per month (200 USD) in healthcare costs than those who had their sleep apnea treated. Even accounting for the fact that healthcare costs in the US are nearly twice ours, that still means you are likely to see a good return on investment when you start treating your sleep apnea.

If you are a snorer who suspects sleep apnea or if you’re currently struggling with CPAP and want a better way to treat your sleep apnea, My HIlls Dentist can help. Please call (02) 9686 7375 for an appointment to talk about sleep apnea treatment in Baulkham Hills.