Last week, finalists for Tropfest were announced, and we learned that among the finalists is a one focusing on a dentist that–dare we say–sounds delectable. It’s called Cavity, and it focuses on a chocaholic dentist.

Tropfest Continues to Grow

The world’s largest short film fest had more than 600 entries from which to choose the finalists in its 23rd year. This year’s Tropfest Signature Item, mirror has attracted a diverse array of entries, although comedy, as always, remains popular.

The finalists will be shown on December 7 in Centennial Park. The Tropfest Junior entries begin at 11am. It’s free to attend. Films will also be shown on SBS2, along with online commentary from the audience.

A First-Time Director

The director of the short film, Jacobie Gray, admits that it’s her first time directing a short film. She is a stage director and an actress, who some may remember from the series Underbelly. Although this is her first directorial foray into film, she says it’s a natural progression for her. She studied acting at the Queensland University of Technology, where she regularly practices directing their stage productions.

Ms. Gray shot her film in a dental surgery and consulted with two dentists to make sure the film was accurate. The theme was very easy for her to include in the form of a dentist’s mirror.

Although we don’t know what exactly happens in the film, we know it’s a comedy about a chocoholic dentist who learns to overcome her addiction. Many of the stills promise an appropriately sensual experience appropriate both to addiction and to chocolate, one of the world’s most popular indulgences, and whose rich, creamy brown contrasts so sharply against the bright whiteness of healthy teeth.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

Although we are sure that Ms. Gray did her due diligence in researching her film, we know that there’s nothing like the real thing when it comes to a dental appointment. So if you’re looking for the true experience of a visit to the dentist in Sydney, we can help.

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