Orthocell, a Perth company dedicated to improving tissue regeneration technology, has received approval for a new study on guided tissue regeneration (GTR) to help dental implant patients build bone around dental implants.

What Is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Happy middle aged couple, smiling for the pictureGTR is a way to control the body’s natural healing response so that it grows only the desired tissue in certain places by overcoming a number of challenges. One problem is that some tissues regrow much faster than others. In the mouth, for example, the gums, which are soft tissues, regrow much faster than bone, which is a hard tissue. Without guidance, gum tissue is likely to grow so much faster than bone tissue that the gum tissue will invade the areas where you want bone.

To prevent that, special membranes are used to separate the areas where certain tissues–like gums or bones–are supposed to grow. This allows slower-growing tissue the space they need to grow without interference.

Another problem is that some tissue, like bone, might grow better if they had support to help them orient themselves into appropriate structures.

This technique could be useful for dental implant patients who have lost bone around dental implants, but hope to save the implants. It may even be useful to help dental implants osseotintegrate.

The Celgro Scaffold

The new study by Orthocell is focusing on one of its GTR products, the Celgro Scaffold. This particular approach to GTR focuses on building a framework to help encourage the growth of bone tissue around dental implants. Celgro is a collagen matrix that can be seeded with cells from your body. Celgrow is used to transport these cells to the area where growth is supposed to happen, then help the cells grow back into the desired tissue.

Bone Graft: More Options Is Better

We already have many great bone graft options, but there are always situations where people will benefit more from one approach or another. Having more options will allow us to help more patients get great dental implants results.

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