girl with headacheThe UN has declared headaches the most common debilitating illness in the world, but they remain understudied and undertreated. As a result, many headache sufferers continue to try to make do in their life despite their pain.

But if you’re a headache or migraine sufferer, we bet you dream about how much better your life could be if you could get rid of headaches — or even just reduce their frequency or intensity.

How Headaches Affect Your Work

Headaches are debilitating. They dramatically reduce your ability to work effectively. In fact, about 90% of migraine sufferers report that they lose work days to migraines. Some people lose just a few days. But a small percentage of people lose a lot of days from work. Just 20% of migraine sufferers account for 77% of work days lost.

And even if you’re not missing entire days of work, the odds are good that you’re losing productivity. When you suck it up and try to work through a migraine, your productivity drops by 40%. With simple tension headaches, your productivity drops by 24%. That’s a quarter of your day lost to your headache.

Think of what that lost productivity means for your career. If you’re constantly behind, you might find yourself finally able to get caught up. If that promotion always seems to be out of reach, maybe getting rid of your headaches could finally make it reachable.

Vacations and Relationships Suffer

Migraines don’t just happen on work days (though for some, work and related stress are major triggers), they can occur after work and on the weekends. About the same amount of people find migraines disturb their vacations as their work.

And most migraine sufferers find that their personal relationships suffer, too. About 75% of them think they would be better spouses, and 60% say they would be better parents if they didn’t have their migraines.

Finding the Right Migraine Treatment

So you want a better life with fewer headaches. Sounds simple. But you know from experience, it’s not. If you’re like the average migraine sufferer, you have tried many treatments (the average is 4), and you’re still not happy — less than a third are satisfied with their current migraine treatment.

If you’re like the average migraine sufferer, and you haven’t tried TMJ treatment, we invite you to visit our office. Many, but not all, TMJ sufferers have jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms as well. TMJ is often a secret contributor to your headaches, and it can help reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches dramatically.

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