Dental implants have become increasingly popular as patients are becoming more well informed and realise that they are the best tooth replacement option.

And it’s not a surprise: dental implants have a number of benefits that you need to know about. Here’s why.

The Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a truly remarkable innovation in dentistry. They allow for a tooth replacement option that is very much like your natural teeth — so much so that they might be better than growing a replacement tooth.

Dental implants function like natural teeth, require no special maintenance, and can last as long or longer than your natural teeth. Basically, we say that they can last a lifetime, and it’s true. Some people have had dental implants for nearly 50 years, and we can reliably count on your implants lasting 20 years with proper maintenance.

With all these benefits, dental implants improve your quality of life. When given the option, people will normally jump at the chance to get dental implants.

People Are Still Learning about Dental Implants

We’ve said that some people have had dental implants nearly 50 years, and that’s about all they’ve been around, too. But for much of that time, they haven’t been available worldwide. Dental implants only really started to spread around the world in the mid to late 1980s, so it’s only been about 30 years that dental implants have been available in Australia.

At first, dental implants were very specialized products. Few dentists offered them and few people knew about them. It’s only recently that general knowledge about dental implants has spread.

The more people hear about dental implants, the more they want them.

Innovation Makes More People Candidates

It used to be that not everyone was considered a good candidate for dental implants. Now we understand how techniques like bone grafts and guided tissue regeneration can be used to help more people get dental implants than ever before, and reducing failure rates helps people maintain their dental implants.

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