One of the most common requests we hear from people about their dentures is that they want them to look natural. They don’t want them to look fake–people want to avoid dentures that are too big, too bright, too bulky, or artificial-looking. They don’t want everyone to know at a glance that they have dentures. Fortunately, these days we can make dentures that may fool a dentist. With proper fit, natural texturing for the base, and realistic teeth, they will look very natural.

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Natural-looking dentures in Sydney

Denture Fit Matters

With some dentures, people can tell even before you open your mouth. Many are just too big for your mouth. They can make your face look bulky or chubby. They may strain your jaw and stretch your skin. Or they might be off-kilter, causing your face to tilt. They might be fitted that way initially, or they might wear down that way because there are bite issues that were not addressed when they were fitted.

Most commonly, though, they just don’t support your face properly. As we lose teeth and bone in the mouth, the support for our face shrinks, leading to hanging skin and deep facial folds. Many people get a sunken appearance in their mouth and cheeks, a characteristic denture face that many people can identify.

FOY Dentures ® are designed to avoid this problem. Using a neuromuscular dentistry approach to when it comes to fitting, FOY Dentures ® are fitted not just to your gums, but also to your jaw and cheek muscles so that they reflect a naturally youthful appearance.

Dental implants can also help. Implant dentures always stay in place, so there’s no slipping to give them away, and dental implants can be designed to be less bulky. We provide digital dental implants

A Natural-Looking Dentures Base

Another giveaway that people may notice about your dentures is the base. The base is a kind of acrylic plastic, even though it’s designed to look like your gum tissue. The problem is that many are made with bases where little trouble is taken to make them look natural. They may barely match the color, and may look as artificial as wind-up chattering teeth. Dentures can also look unnatural if they show too much gum for your age. This may occur because the denture was not properly fitted at first, or because the teeth have worn down.

But quality dentures include a base that is made using modern techniques to mimic the appearance of your natural gum tissue. We can match the color precisely, and the denture base will have a translucency and delicate marbling appropriate to your gum tissue.

Durable, Attractive Denture Teeth

Many are made with plastic teeth. They are made using the same acrylic material used for the base. This plastic material doesn’t have the luster or luminance of natural tooth material, and are easily spotted. Worse, dentures like this are often mass-produced using all the same tooth shapes. These tooth shapes are not individualized, and they’re clearly not your teeth.

On the other hand, some are made using highly attractive and natural-looking ceramic teeth. These teeth are made using material very similar to that used in porcelain veneers, so they look as attractive as any smile makeover you will get. And, like a smile makeover, these teeth are custom-crafted for you. The goal is to give you a smile that is completely individual and personal, whether that means reproducing your natural smile or constructing a new one that you love.

Dentures can look natural so that no one will guess you have them. To learn more about getting natural-looking dentures in Sydney, please call (02) 9686 7375 for an appointment at My Hills Dentist in Sydney.