Traditional dentures just sit on your gums, but implant dentures are anchored in the jawbone, making them more like your natural teeth. Because they are better anchored, they function better, allowing you to talk, smile, laugh, and eat with confidence. These dentures can be longer-lasting than traditional dentures, and they can look much more attractive. You can even have your dentures fixed so that they’re in all night, which supports a healthy jaw position.

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Functional Dentures

Traditional dentures are held in your mouth by suction. Even this small force of retention is lost, though, when your dentures are dislodged, breaking the seal and allowing them to slide around your mouth or even fall out. This makes it hard to do many of the things you count on your teeth to do.

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It takes time to learn how to speak clearly and loudly with dentures without dislodging them, and even then your speech can become unclear when you get excited. Laughing runs the risk of sending your dentures flying out of your mouth. Eating with dentures is also a challenge. You have to learn a new way to chew, and for many people there are some foods you just have to learn to live without.

But with implant dentures, they’re always securely held in by dental implants. You can speak clearly and laugh loudly without worrying that your dentures are going to come out. You can eat a wider range of foods, probably everything you already enjoy. And you can chew naturally.

Long-Lasting Dentures

With traditional dentures, you immediately begin losing your jawbone. Your body decides to start removing the jawbone as soon as the teeth are gone, thinking it’s not necessary to have so much bone anymore. This is why people with traditional dentures need to have them replaced regularly: the jawbone is shrinking, so dentures that used to fit just don’t anymore.

But with implant dentures, the dental implants stimulate the jawbone. This helps preserve the jawbone, so the dentures continue to fit the way they’re supposed to. Where traditional dentures may need to be refit many times a year, implant dentures may go several years without needing to be refit — you may never need them refit at all!

The dental implants themselves are likely permanent, with documented lifespans of over four decades, while the dentures can last for over a decade.

Great-Looking Dentures

Losing bone in your jaw isn’t just bad for your denture fit, it’s bad for your appearance. When your bone structure shrinks, you look like you have excess skin: loose, hanging, or deeply folded and wrinkled. With dental implants maintaining your bone, your facial shape remains the same, and you continue to look more youthful. FOY Dentures™ even allow us to turn back the clock a bit to restore bone loss that’s already occurred.

Even smiling with traditional dentures is hard. If you want to smile, you have to first make sure your dentures are seated properly and not out of place. With implant dentures you never have to worry about your smile: it can be spontaneous and natural.

Dentures for All Your Days—and Nights!

With implant dentures, many people opt to have their dentures permanently affixed to their dental implants. This means you don’t need to remove your dentures at night to clean them and rest your gums.

This is good for the comfort of your jaw. Maintaining your teeth in at night helps avoid potential jaw joint problems like TMJ. It also keeps your airway open so you don’t develop sleep apnoea.

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