Digital dental implants allow us to make surgery faster and more comfortable with fewer visits. And one key to achieving those goals is our advanced mock surgery protocols. Using virtual surgery planning, we can streamline the procedure and design your restorations so everything fits together perfectly.

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Leave Your Mouth at the Shop

You know how the mechanic is always asking you to leave your car at the shop so they can track down a persistent problem? You can’t afford to do that because you need your car every day. How much harder would it be to actually leave your mouth behind so we can work out the problems of your dental implant procedure.

But with mock surgery, you can do exactly that. Using advanced imagery technology, we can construct a virtual model of your teeth and jaws that we can use to plan your dental implant procedure. You can go home and enjoy your life until the date of your surgery.

Optimizing Your Procedure

Meanwhile, the mock surgery protocols allow us to explore different options for your dental implant procedure. We can place the virtual crown and shape it to match your other teeth. Then we can use the simulated jaws to check the occlusion (how well it fits with other teeth, including the opposing teeth).

And then we can do the same with the dental implant root. The imaging tells us all we need to know about the bone shape and density, as well as the position of vital nerves so that we can determine the optimal placement of the dental implant.

Because we’re simulating all the different elements together, we can optimize the function all at once. This ensures the different elements all function together, and there are no compromises in one element necessary to make them fit together.

We will also streamline the procedure so that it can be performed in an optimal fashion. This is how we can accomplish a dental implant procedure and place two implants in an average of 15 minutes.

The simulated surgery protocol augments the expertise of our implant dentists. The surgical database helps the dentist to design a solution that balances all the necessary forces to create a stable, functional restoration.

Dreams Become Reality

Once we’ve designed the optimal design for your procedure, we’ll create a 3D simulation. If you want to, this simulation allows you to see your surgery before we perform it. That way, you’ll know exactly what we’re planning and can give it your final approval at this stage.

We’ll translate that procedure design into what we need to accomplish your surgery. We’ll construct a precise surgical guide that will direct the dental implants into place. This surgical guide is one of the most accurate in the industry, allowing us to place implants to within 0.9° of the plan.

And we’ll also manufacture your temporary restorations so they’ll be ready to place on the date of your surgery. This includes both the custom crown and custom abutments to ensure the pieces all fit perfectly together.

So when you come in for surgery, you can look forward to a very short procedure, and you’ll leave with your smile made whole again. The new restorations will look natural and attractive. After a short healing period, you’ll be able to get back to chewing and eating normally until you’re ready to have your final restorations placed.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.